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Qedim quba ozel xalchachiliq mmc carpets купить в Губе
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Страна производительАзербайджан
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Carpets of Azerbaijan.

Carpet Gymyl.

Size: 104X170.

Gymyl was first woven in Gabala in the 14th-15th centuries. Later, beginning with the 18th century, it spread over to Kuba and individual carpet workshops of the Kuba district. As a result, moving further away from the village of Gymyl the carpet gradually lost its artistic values and underwent a number of distortions. In the middle of the center field there is a polygonal oblong medallion. This medallion used to be called "khoncha", however in the second half of the 19th century it became widely known among the carpet weavers under the name "tray". Typically to this composition, to the top and bottom of the medallion there are four large polygonal elements, which are called "sham" ("candle", "lantern"). The composition of the center field of the Gymyl carpet is formed by the stylized images of a whole range of objects and decorations. It resembles a picture of a wedding or a feast.

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Купить qedim quba ozel xalchachiliq mmc carpets
Qedim Quba ozel xalchachiliq MMC Carpets
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