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Carpet (Shakhnazarli)

Carpet (Shakhnazarli)

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Азербайджан, Губа

Carpet - (Shakhnazarli)

Size: 100x160

The name comes from the name of the village of Shakhnazerli. This type of the carpet includes 35 compositions. The composition of the center field is mainly formed by several gels placed along the vertical axis. Typically to this carpet, within the center field there are two gubps or two bashlyg, one of them in the bottom part, at the beginning of the first gel, while the second one - in the upper part, at the end of the last gel. These gubps, heavily stylized, not only impart completeness and final shape to the gels, but also perfect the composition of the center field and improve the grouping of the gels. In Azerbaijan and in Central Asia, the folk rug makers and craftsmen call any carpet with lots of medallions "Gellu", irrespective of the composition. These gels, most of them of an octagonal shape and decorated by an edge or small squares, by virtue of their simplicity and vivid colors differ significantly from the gels of the Kazakh, Karabakh abd South-Azerbaijan carpets. The highly stylized gubps make the carpet look complete, improve the composition and help in grouping the gels. The high thickness, rich decoration of the ornamental pattern, delicate weaving constitute characteristic features of this carpet group.

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Carpet (Shakhnazarli)
Carpet (Shakhnazarli)
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